Way back when in the mid-90's when punk, ska, and hardcore took over grunge, you'd find me in the pit with two film cameras making really shitty photos. Shooting the music scene was purely for the love of the music, but turned into learning the craft of photography. Fast forward the clock 20ish years after focusing on my "real" work, I've moved back to Denver and find myself back in a city with a scene again and returning to the pit purely for the love of the music...but with a better eye and a few more tattoos.

Want to see the other work? Shimmy your way on over to LOCK + LAND. We do some fun stuff worth checking out.

Here you'll mostly see screaming, a little blood, and a bunch of color. It is most likely me probably going some sort of mid-life crisis, but making me #happy.

- Chip Litherland